FGCU Cheerleading share new policies, dividing those vaccinated and unvaccinated students

Posted at 11:05 PM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-10 11:03:25-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A social media post is raising some questions tonight.

A cheerleading group with ties to Florida Gulf Coast University making a post regarding updates to their Covid-19 policies, dividing vaccinated students from those who are unvaccinated. It’s causing concern over separating the two groups.

The policy was posted in an FGCU Cheerleading Facebook group, outlining guidelines the team is to follow when partaking in certain activities, like riding the bus or staying in a hotel. It’s divided the team into two categories- vaccinated or unvaccinated. While it could be just a matter of health and safety, it could be causing division among its team members.

“Understand that this is also like playing Russian roulette, to a certain extent, with something that is preventable at least today with all of the tools that we have.”

Dr. Alejandro Perez-Trepichio is the Chief Medical Officer with Millennium Physician Group. He says those who are unvaccinated are more at risk of Covid-19 than those who are vaccinated.

“If they have multiple medical conditions- like blood pressure, diabetes- and on top of that is unprotected or unvaccinated, the risk significantly goes up for that person," said Dr. Perez-Trepichio. 'There is not so much a risk, whatsoever, for the vaccinated individual.”

FGCU Athletics have it listed in their spring and summer plan that they will continue to follow all NCAA requirements for recruiting, practices and travel related to Covid-19. That means following current CDC guidelines. That does not, however, mean releasing one’s vaccination status. We reached out to FGCU and they provided this statement to Fox 4 News.

“Florida Gulf Coast University does not have a policy that requires an inquiry into the vaccination status of its students, faculty and staff, nor will it separate or treat people differently based on vaccination status or mask-wearing preferences. Our campus policy was updated recently to recommend, rather than require, facial coverings, and we continue to highly encourage our students, faculty and staff get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. FGCU is looking into this matter to ensure continuity with our standards.”

“It’s always a personal decision, this is not a mandate but a recommendation," says Dr. Perez-Trepichio. "Be sure you get your facts right when you make that decision. You base it on whatever it is but make sure you at least explore all the possibilities and you will form your own decision.”

It will remain to be seen whether or not those new policies set by the cheerleading team will be taken into effect.