Family begs you to stay home after multiple members test positive for COVID-19

Posted at 11:51 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 23:51:56-04

CAPE CORAL, FLA — "And her last words to me were 'I'm so scared, I love you jenny.'"

The last time Jenifer Girubardo spoke to her mother was in the wee hours of the morning on Monday.

"Thinking that I'll never be able to see her again and talk to her is just...I try not to think about it and try to think about the positive things that are happening," said Giubardo.

That's after her mother and step-father both tested positive for COVID-19 more than a week ago.

Their illness comes after her grandmother died in Oklahoma, from complications related to coronavirus a few days before that.

"My stepfather couldn't even go. There wasn't any kind of funeral," said Giubardo.

Jenifer's step-father has since been released from the hospital, but her mother is currently on a ventilator at Gulf Coast Medical Center.

"Her lungs literally filled up with fluid in 24 hours," said Giubardo.

It's a reality they didn't picture just a few weeks ago and her family is begging everyone to listen to the governor's safer at home order, and practice social distancing for themselves and others.

"I think it's just very selfish for people to not follow the suggest rules by people that know the most, doctors," said Giubardo.