Elite DNA Therapy expands services due to pandemic

Posted at 8:06 PM, Jul 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 20:07:06-04

WFTX — Elite DNA, one of the largest mental health providers in Southwest Florida serving adults, children, individuals, and families who are facing a variety of mental health issues, has expanded services to manage pre-pandemic patients as well as newly diagnosed patients.

“As we enter our second year of pandemic life, we have begun to notice the stressors on our communities are abrupt, pervasive, and sometimes devastating,” said Elizabeth Dosoretz, LCSW, and Elite DNA CEO. “For many, the mental health implications have multiplied, and in many cases, are more acute. It is well known that the demand for psychiatric services is extraordinarily high. However, the solution for this demand is not a one size fits all response.”

In order to meet the growing demands, Dr. Dov Rapoport has joined Elite DNA to oversee and continue to develop its technological innovation.

This includes an in-person six-week anxiety support group for teens ages 14-17. This group is all-inclusive and takes an integrated approach and will include art therapy techniques and existentialism.

They have also launched a Behavioral Health Day Services based out of their Fort Myers office that will eventually expand to other office locations. The program is for children ages four to 10 with Medicaid who have severe emotional and behavioral concerns that make them unable to function in their daily environment successfully.

The program consists of three parts: Assessment and treatment planning, day services, and reintegration support back into the community. The day services consist of daily intensive therapy on-site for two to four hours per day for two to four weeks.

After the intensive therapy is completed, Elite DNA works to reintegrate individuals back into the community successfully, including schools and daycare.

Elite DNA University, an internal resource and continuing education platform specifically for Elite DNA employees, has recently bolstered course offerings. This focused approach will allow clinicians to further develop areas of expertise. There are plans to add more advanced providers and clinicians, including social workers and mental health counselors, to continue to create quality services and access.

Elite DNA also continues to develop telemedicine capabilities in order to meet the demands and to create access for patients that otherwise would not be able to seek care. They have also partnered with Athela, a remote care program to improve patient care through remote monitoring.

“We want to make sure we reach our patients; safety concerns and in-person trepidation must not hinder or delay the delivery of treatment,” said Dosoretz. “More than ever before, we recognize the high number of patients who remain unscreened and untreated. Our goal is and has always been to treat the whole patient. Our commitment to interactive and pro-social engagement has been reinforced by our offering zoom and in-person group therapy opportunities.”

Dosoretz added that a major factor in the distress reported by patients stems from people’s limited social interactions.

“On a macro level, the events and implications are eerily akin to what we know as collective trauma. In fact, a tailored approach, built and delivered in the appropriate format by appropriate professionals, are key factors for attending to the increase in demand of psychiatric services,” she said.

With a staff of over 200 Elite DNA provides psychiatric evaluations, counseling, therapy, and mental health services and specialized treatment for children with autism, including Applied Behavior Analysis and speech and occupational therapies.

Elite DNA has offices throughout Southwest Florida and accepts all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.

For more information, visit, email or call (239) 223-2751.