Businesses Changing Policies as Covid-19 Case Numbers Rise

Changes to Vaccine and Mask Guidelines Announced
Walt Disney world, cinderella's castle
Posted at 8:17 AM, Aug 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-02 08:17:10-04

Right now, the country is seeing spikes in new Covid-19 case numbers that it hasn't seen since last year when the pandemic was at it's strongest. And Florida leads the way in new case and hospitalization numbers. As those cases rise, companies across the country and here in our state are making big changes to their vaccine and mask policies.

Publix is making an update to it's policies. The supermarket chain says that it's bringing back the mask mandate for company employees starting today. We also know that Walmart has told it's management staff and people working from home that they need to be vaccinated by October 4th. Employees working in Walmart locations are not required to be vaccinated.

One of Florida's biggest industries, is theme parks. And almost all of Florida's major theme park companies are making changes as cases rise.
Disney led the charge with a change to it's mask policy. The company is requiring masks on public transportation and indoor venues like lines and restaurants.
Busch gardens in Tampa Bay is following almost an identical procedure to Disney.
Universal is mandating masks for employees on the clock at all times while non-vaccinated guests need masks while inside any building. Vaccinated guests will not be required to wear a mask while visiting Universal.
And Legoland is starting a new mask guideline today. Rather than requiring a mask while inside, the theme park is merely recommending guests put masks on while inside.