Big-box retailers requiring masks. Will smaller stores follow suit?

Major retailers setting mask requirements
Posted at 10:50 PM, Jul 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-18 22:50:09-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla.  — Major retailers across the country are setting their own mask requirements, as many state and local governments have chosen to educate rather than to mandate.

Big-box retailers such as Walmart, Publix, Target, Sam’s Club, and more announcing they will begin requiring customers to wear masks as early as Monday.

“While we’re certainly not the first business to require face coverings, we know this is a simple step everyone can take for their safety and the safety of others in our facilities,” said Dacona Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Walmart U.S., and Lance de la Rosa, Chief Operating Officer, Sam’s Club.

In addition to posting signage, some stores have created the position of Health Ambassador to be stationed at entrances and remind customers of new mask requirements.

Many wonder if locally owned stores will follow suit in mandating masks.

Manger of Bahia Bowls in Cape Coral says its something they discuss daily.

“We are trying not to eat into the business that we already get, so we don’t want to discourage people from coming in. Because Target and Publix are right here and they are requiring masks we pretty much assume that if you are already wearing one your just going to keep wearing it, ” said Megan Hodges.

According to the CDC, masks especially when widely adapted, help to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Manager Megan Hodges says most customers wear masks even without a mandate.

“It is like 60:40 split, masks to no masks, ” said Hodges.

The New York Times cites that nearly 59% of U.S. citizens report wearing a mask when leaving the house.

“I think more people need to start wearing them. I’m in healthcare so I wear it for everybody else, not for me, ” said Jennifer Grimes.

Shopper Dara Freeman is usually not one to wear a mask, but agrees that it may be time to make some changes.

“I think it should be your choice. I’m not one to wear one as a rule, but I’m not going to not shop in the places I need to shop in just because they are going to force me to. I will wear one, ” said Freeman

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