Collier has new Zika fighting tool

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 22:24:32-04
Collier County officials say they will be getting a new chemical in a couple weeks that can kill mosquito larvae.
It can be loaded onto a mister and sprayed in areas with standing water, that's where mosquitoes that could carry Zika breed.
"We would target a specific neighborhood to treat containers," said Dr. Mark Clifton of 
Collier County Mosquito Control.
Even though standing water doesn't last long in Rob Burriss' Naples Manor neighborhood, he doesn't take any chances.
"The bird baths, I drill holes in the bottom of them, so the water will filter out through them, and any containers out back I make sure they are turned over and don't collect any water."
Mosquito control officials are hoping more people follow Burriss' lead.
Because they agency doesn't know a lot about this chemical, they would only be able to use it after a case of Zika has been confirmed.
"Using a tool in this way is rather new, so some research has to be done on how to use it preventability," said Dr. Clifton.
Burriss says if it came down to using it to kill Zika carrying mosquitoes, he's for it.
"If its acceptable and don't cause any damage to wildlife or anything, I don't see a problem with it, whatever it takes to protect you from Zika."
Mosquito control officials haven't ruled out door to door inspections in neighborhoods where there is standing water.