Collier County man charged with stalking an 11-year-old girl

Posted at 5:58 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 18:16:16-04

A Collier County man was arrested Monday, charged with stalking an 11-year-old girl and home burglary.

According to an arrest report from Collier County Sheriff's Office, the girl was in her bathroom when she saw David Hanggigoble, 24, trying to hide under her bed. When she ran out, her mother happened to call her just then. The girl told her mother "the man from downstairs was hiding under her bed." The mother then called 911.

When deputies arrived, they found a note written on a small piece of cardboard that read "stay home!" followed by a vulgar comment.

The girl's mother told police that Hanggigoble, their neighbor, had been acting strangely. She said that about a month ago, he was lurking outside their front door. When her daughter opened the door, he reportedly asked to use the bathroom. The girl told him no.

Then about two weeks ago, the mother and her children came home and said they found a tablet on the steps leading up to their apartment playing a pornographic video. The woman told police she grabbed it before her children could see it, but that Hanggigoble came out of his apartment and told her the tablet was his. She reportedly chastised him for leaving it where kids could see pornography.

Hanggigoble waived his first court appearance Tuesday, but a judge ordered that he have no contact with the 11-year-old girl or her mother. He's charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and aggravated stalking of a minor.