City reaches settlement with two Zombicon victims

Posted at 1:08 AM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 01:08:09-05

The City of Fort Myers has reached a settlement with two victim's injured during the Zombicon shooting. 

Fort Myers City council voted unanimously Tuesday to pay Tyree Hunter and Kyle Roberts $7,499 for injuries they sustained in the mass shooting, which killed one and injured at least three others. 

According to the city attorney, the victim's had not yet filed lawsuits against the city; however they signaled towards possible subsequent litigation by filing a notice of claim. 

"We're not even being sued yet folks, but we were able to resolve two of them," said City Attorney Grant Alley, as he urged the council to accept both settlement offers.  

Alley refused to comment on how the city reached the $7,499 settlement for each victim, one of whom was shot in the hand. 

"You are saving well over ten times the amount," said Alley to city council members Tuesday.  

The mother of Roberts, a FGCU student shot in the hand, told Fox 4 news she was disappointed by the settlement. 

"Nobody would take the kind of money they're pushing on the victim's if it was their child with a bullet in their hand for 5 days," said Gina Roberts.  "It's so laughable, the amount is so nominal it's laughable." 

Pushing Daizies, the non-profit which organized Zombicon, as well as the Southwest Florida Security and Invesigations group are negotiating terms of a settlement with both victims, according to Alley.  

He told Fox 4 an exclusion in Pushing Daizies insurance policy, which removes liability for abuse or assault related incidents, exposed the city to litigation.  

"if this was an accidental shooting it's covered, if it's a battery or assault it's not covered," said Alley.

The Zombicon shooting remains unsolved.