City of Cape Coral responds to test result showing cancerous-chemical in tap water

Posted at 11:16 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 23:16:59-04
The Environmental Working Group study examined water systems across the country and more than 200-million Americans are drinking water that contains levels of Chromium-6 the group considers dangerous. 
The study found unacceptable levels of Chromium-6 in several areas of Southwest Florida. 
Cape Coral's water system was named in the report, but the city says it conducted seven tests at multiple plants and only one test at its North RO Plant contained Chromium-6. A spokesperson for the city says the reading is believed to be "anomaly," possibly a false-positive caused by external factors. 
The EPA did not request a follow up test, and the city insists the water is safe.   
Cape Coral tests their tap for Chromium every 5 years. Fox 4 knows many of you still have questions, like, why are public water systems only testing for chromium-six every few years?  What about the other water departments in Southwest Florida that had unacceptable levels of Chromium-6?  and why didn't Cape Coral do a follow up test on the North Plant that tested positive?
We will continue asking these questions and bring you answers as we get them