Child hit by car at Lehigh Acres bus stop

Posted at 11:43 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 07:30:18-05

A child was rushed to the hospital after he was hit by a driver while waiting for his school bus.

It happened Friday morning at the corner of East 12th Street and 8th Avenue.

"All of the sudden, my cousin runs in screaming, my son my son, they killed my son," said Anoen Chery.

The boy's father was watching in horror from his home, just yards away from the bus stop.

"He couldn't see anything, he couldn't say anything, he was totally knocked out."

People who live in the area say this isn't a very good place for a bus stop. There's no sidewalk and kids wait on the shoulder as cars go by with a speed limit of 40 mph.

"It's not safe. they put kids up here," said Robert Pitts.

Although Florida Highway Patrol says speed was not a factor, they say the driver in this crash was not paying attention.

A spokesperson with the school district says she "checked with the transportation and they have received no calls about safety concerns at this stop. We have been out there most of the day and over the coming weeks we will work with the family, but right now our thoughts are with them and their son."