CCSO deputy fired after internal investigation uncovers multiple violations

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 06:30:20-04

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.-- Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell addressed the actions of several deputies in the last few months at a press conference Tuesday morning.

Sheriff Prummell announced the resignation of Sgt. Lance Holden and the firing of Deputy Anthony Nardi.  "In the past several months, I have had several deputies do some really stupid crap", said Sheriff Prummell.

Sgt. Holden was involved in a dispute at a bar in Grove City. The internal investigation found Sgt. Holden in violation of two Charlotte County Sheriff's Office policies. 

Deputy Nardi was found in violation of 5 policies after an investigation was complete. 

"We have that on the GPS coordinates.  We also found where he was using FCIC and DAVID to run the names of some male individuals that were located at his house, her house I'm sorry," said Sheriff Prummell. 

The investigation shows potential stalking of an on-again off-again girlfriend started in June of 2016 and continued until the woman filed a trespass warning against Nardi on August 13, 2016. That's when CCSO launched an investigation into Nardi's actions and determined he violated multiple policies. 

"There was enough information provided to us where we believe violence took place as well as potential stalking," said Sheriff Prummell. 

Deputy Nardi was first placed on administrative leave on August 16th, but following the investigation was fired on September 19th.