Charlotte County girl assaults bus driver

Posted at 10:55 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 10:24:43-05

***UPDATE: The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office says the child was transported to a mental health facility for treatment and has not been criminally charged.

Charlotte County Deputies say a high school girl assaulted her bus driver Monday afternoon.

Witnesses sent Four in Your Corner photos of the bus surrounded by squad cars on Beacon Drive and Rye Avenue, and said the girl in the photo was handcuffed.

"People now-a-days don't respect elders. They're very moody and violent," 14-year-old Brenden Burch said.

Mike Riley of Charlotte County Public Schools said the female student was immediately removed from the bus.

"I don't know how violent it was, but if you make any kind of contact at all, that's not good," Riley said.

Steven Vallillo used to be a bus driver, and saw the girl in handcuffs. He said he's concerned, but not necessarily surprised. He broke up a fight or two in his days as a driver, and experienced bullying himself.

"There's a lot of trouble makers on a bus sometimes. I got a cooler of water dumped over my head one time," Vallillo said.

"I rode the bus in middle school for three years and I've heard 'Oh, I hate this driver,' all that kind of stuff, but I've never seen it actually happen," Burch said.

Riley said the driver took the right action by calling the Sheriff's Office and the transportation department to get another bus en route to take the remaining kids home.

"Every incident is a serious incident when it involves violence, and it's unacceptable. This will be looked at, and it will be a fair and just discipline for the child," Riley said.