Changes in odd Vanderbilt Beach parking rules to be considered

Posted at 7:38 PM, Oct 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-24 19:38:54-04

The rules for a parking garage serving Vanderbilt Beach in northern Collier County have created an unusual problem for nearby businesses, which have limited parking for their customers.

A Collier County ordinance says that people who park at the garage can only use it for one reason. 

"It basically says anybody who uses that garage can only use it for the beach," said Brian Cross, an attorney for the owners of the nearby Beach Box Cafe. "Which when you think about it, makes no sense."

The cafe is just across the street from the entrance to Vanderbilt Beach, and is meant to cater mainly to walk-up customers. But Cross said that customers who have parked at the garage for beach use - and then walk to the cafe - are violating county ordinance.

"You walk to the beach, and coming back your son wants to stop and get a soda or an ice's illegal for you to do that, as the ordinance stands today," Cross said.

County commissioners will take a look at the ordinance at Tuesday's regular board meeting. Cross said he believes that commissioners will approve a change in the wording of the ordinance.