CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Suspects flee after crash

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 19:05:09-04

FORT MYERS, FL – Surveillance video shows a Tuesday night suspect chase, ending with a rollover crash in Fort Myers. Four people are seen ditching the car, and they’re still on the loose tonight.

It happened around 11:30 pm at the intersection of Canal Street and Midway Avenue. The video shows a car speeding past a stop sign and crashing into another car. The BMW then rolls over twice over a fence and into a parking lot. Four people jumped out of the car and fled the scene.

Right now it’s unclear if there were any injuries and police are still looking for the people inside that car.

The crash happening just moments after a shooting, less than five miles away. Police say several shots were fired at a home on Washington Avenue, leaving a bullet hole in their window.

Police are still investigating but say no one was hurt.

Police also say that at this time, there is nothing to indicate a shooting in Fort Myers late last night is related to the car crash that happened moments later.

Right now, no arrests have been made in either the crash or the shooting. Count on Four In Your Corner to bring you the latest on this developing story.