CAUGHT ON CAMERA: fight between girls at school

Posted at 10:47 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 23:01:08-05

A fight between two girls at a southwest Florida high school was caught on camera and is being shared on Facebook.

The fight happened at Dunbar High School in Fort Myers.

Students and parents aren't surprised about the fight, but are angry no one tried to break it up, and instead pulled out cell phones to record it.

The video shows what started as an argument become a physical brawl. Two girls throw punches, then one girl gets thrown to the ground by her hair.

Valentajah Kemia, 16, goes to Dunbar High School, and heard about the fight. Once she saw the video, she said the words "anger," "hatred," and "loathing" came to mind.

"We've been trying not to have those types of problems this year," Kemia said.

Kemia's mom also saw the video of the fight, and was concerned and surprised.

Kemia was more shocked to see students surrounding the girls, egging them on.

"Peer pressure, that's all it is. For it to not have anyone at all to say 'Don't fight, don't do this,' it's really sad. It's pathetic," Kemia said. "You don't know how many things could happen during a fight, so seeing that happen is really sad. For people to not take heed, that's just horrible."

At the end of the video, you eventually see a high school staff member try to break up the fight.

Four in Your Corner reached out to the Lee County School District about this. A spokesperson said they take it very seriously, and the students involved are being disciplined per the student code of conduct.