Catholic Charities urges action plan for immigrants

Posted at 10:48 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 22:48:47-05

The streets of Immokalee have been quiet lately and residents say it's because of President Trump's executive order on deportations.

"A lot of our community is undocumented and those are the ones concerned," said Peggy Rodriguez of Catholic Charities.

The group help an "Emergency Immigration Plan" meeting at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Friday night.  Many of those attending are afraid their U.S. born children will become wards of the state if they are deported. 

Someone would need to fill the parents's shoes.

"A friend, or anyone they would trust to take care of their child is who they would appoint," said Rodriguez.

Lawyers were on hand offering free advice to parents who may find themselves in that situation someday.

"This is why we need to act as soon as possible, to ease the minds of our clients," said Rodriguez.

Still images of people on social media of people being deported has some concerned.

"People say he give me your ID, then they put your hands behind you," said one man from Haiti.  "I've seen it in the movies, I've seen it on Facebook."

Catholic Charities will continue to assist undocumented immigrants with legal help for their children should they be deported.