Card skimmer found in Fort Myers ATM

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- Fort Myers Police are investigating a credit-card skimmer they say was found inside an ATM at a local gas station.

The device was reportedly found this week at the 7-Eleven on Metro Parkway near Daniels Parkway.

Police have since placed a sign on the ATM, warning people that it's been compromised.

So far, no one has been arrested, and we're still working to find out if anyone's credit-card information was stolen.

However, just last week, Cape Coral Police arrested a group accused of installing a skimmer inside an ATM at the 7-Eleven on Cape Coral Parkway East. The manager reportedly found the device and reported it to police.

Officers claim they later caught the suspects retrieving the skimmer.

At the time, detectives were already working a similar case at another 7-Eleven. There's no word if these cases are connected.

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