Car goes flying into Cape Coral home

Posted at 1:23 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 19:09:46-04

CAPE CORAL, FL. -- The owners of a Cape Coral home on Cultural Park Boulevard are in awe as they take in the wreckage done to their rental property after a car came crashing in. What's even harder to comprehend is what the tenant was doing when it happened.

"She was sitting right in that chair right there and she got knocked out of the chair," said Jack England, the owner of the home. The woman went to the hospital for brain swelling. The kids also inside, lucky to be alive. "Twenty minutes before that there were two little kids, this big, playing on the couch. Twenty minutes before. If they had been there, they would have been casualties."

Jack and Kate England found out when they a picture got sent to Jack's phone. Now they're dealing with busted walls and piles of debris in their condemned home, that they've got no insurance on, just liability. "He (the driver) better have insurance. He's the guy that did the damage. I don't understand how he flew that far, that's 200 feet to get in here," Jack said.

A police report states the 18 year-old driver of the Lincoln told police a minivan switched into his lane causing him to lose control and drive into the England's house. Witnesses only reporting seeing the out of control Lincoln. "You don't even see any tire tracks. He was airborne, that guy had to be doing a hundred miles an hour coming over there," said Jack.

Police say they did not see any markings on the back the Lincoln, which would have confirmed the driver's story.
But what can be seen is the tenant's belongings scattered all over the yard.