Car fire at tow company's lot ignites battle over expenses

Posted at 5:21 PM, Sep 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-12 17:21:05-04

Nicely Belony was driving her sister's Toyota Camry on August 8 when she crashed it - a fender bender that she said was repairable. But not after it burned in a blaze later that month at the towing company's car lot that also claimed two other cars. Belony told Fox 4 that Victory Towing is now telling her that she's responsible for removing the car from their lot.

"I want them to take responsibility for what happened, instead of just pushing us away," Belony said.

Belony said that Victory Towing took her sister's car to their lot on Shirley Street after the crash. She said that an insurance adjuster was supposed to come out and take a look at the damage, but not before a mysterious fire damaged it beyond repair.

It was part of a rash of car fires in North Naples that damaged about a dozen vehicles in the latter part of August. Belony said the staff at Victory Towing didn't know how the fire started, but told her and her sister that they need to remove the car from their property.

"She just said 'get it off the lot or we're going to auction it,'" Belony said. 

She claims the tow charges have not been paid, but that the car has full coverage. According to one expert, that shouldn't be an issue.

"If she has full coverage, the insurance company covers that," said Mike Seamon, executive director of The Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida. "She needs to talk to her insurance, make them aware of what's going on."

Fox 4 reached out to Victory Towing for comment, but a woman who answered the phone said "no comment."

The North Collier Fire Department said the fire that burned Belony's sister's car is still being investigated.