Car burglaries become a concern at local gyms

Posted at 7:21 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 19:21:52-05
Open 24-7, Around The Clock Fitness provides convenience to busy gym-goers across Southwest  Florida. 
Part of that, includes a public key stand where gym-goers can hang their keys once they walk through the door.
However, that easy access key stand has become a liability after some gym-goers fell victim to car burglaries. 
"We have had several actually," said Chief Dennis Eads, Fort Myers Police. "We just had one that was reported this morning," added Chief Eads.  
Eads told Fox 4 he was surprised to know the public key stands were still in use. 
"I thought in the past that had been stopped as a practice, but no, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me unless you have someone there all the time guarding the keys," said Chief Eads. 
Fox 4 reached out to Around The Clock Fitness, which has five locations throughout Southwest Florida, but they refused to comment. 
However a manager did say that the suspect in a recent burglary was found, and the gym has temporarily moved the key stand behind a counter. 
Fox 4 spoke with gym-goers about what they thought about the easy access key stand. 
"I don't think I would because I just wouldn't feel comfortable," said Erikia Goodwin.
"I think it would be quite easy for someone to lift a set of keys and hit the remote and find out which vehicle it opens," said Steve Furderer. "But it was a small concern."  
Floyd Byerly, who has been attending an Around The Clock Fitness in Cape Coral for about a month, says he isn't worried about his keys falling into the wrong hands. 
"No, not really.I don't think it happens very often, it's infrequent," said Byerly.
For those who are concerned, Chief Eads suggests taking extra precautions. 
"People trust a little too much so they just hang it there assuming nothing will happen. There are people who are predators always looking to take advantage of people, said Chief Eads.