Companies taking advantage of tornado victims

Posted at 6:54 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 18:54:53-05
CAPE CORAL, FLA.- Some of the people worst affected by the Cape Coral tornado tell Fox 4 they feel like they've been targeted by salespeople looking to take advantage of the natural disaster. 
Mike Owens said he was still digging through the wreckage for personal items when salespeople started showing up at his door. 
"Yesterday they were just lined up on both sides of the street handing out cards. The community has been pulling together to help each other out and they're just trying to make a buck."
A neighbor, Pearl, added;
"They're out to make a buck, so we just took it with a grain of salt. Took their card and sent them on their way."
Owens said he hopes in the future, the city will do something to prevent this from happening.
"It's a little insensitive.  Just give us some time. It would be great if the city would mandate that for a few days."
Fox 4 went to the city for a comment, a spokeswoman declined, but said Cape Coral Police blocked off the roads while they were dangerous. 
Cape Coral City Councilman, Richard Leon, added;
"We as a council will, after all it's said and done, sit back and look at everything as a whole. What worked, what didn't, what policies need to be in place and what polices hurt our progress to recover."