Cape PD take down meth lab near daycare

Posted at 10:51 PM, Nov 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-19 22:51:06-05

Cape Coral Police shutdown a meth lab at a Cape Coral home just around the corner from their headquarters and 500 feet from a daycare.

Fifty-year-old Scott Bramhall was arrested and charged with possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of meth.

Bramhall's neighbor said he's known him for six years, and had no idea this was going on next door.

"I never knew that. I've known him. He's a veteran and everything. Why the hell would he do that?" Lyle Bastian said.

Police went to his home on Country Club Boulevard, and according to the arrest report, his daughter told them he cooks meth in the house, saying the house smells bad and she sees the bottles used when he cooks it.

She even told police Bramhall forces her to buy some of the materials, and said if she doesn't, her father will threaten to throw her and her stuff out of the house and call animal control to take her dog.

Bastian said there must be some kind of mix up.

When Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg went to the house, his daughter kicked her off the property.

Wellington Academy is just 500 feet away from the site of the meth lab.

Parents and those working nearby are on edge.

"We're right across from a daycare. I work here in the neighborhood, so I would say it's a family-oriented area. There's a lot of houses right here, a lot of kids," Amy Webb said.

Webb works across from the daycare and said she thought it was a safe area.

"The tragedy that could happen with it: explosions, the exposure to the kids. I mean, God knows what they're exposing," Webb said.

The owner of the daycare said they work really hard to keep the kids safe, and parents said they recognize that.

This isn't Bramhall's first run in with the law: he's been arrested multiple times for DUI and battery.

He's expected to appear in court on December 21st.