Cape Coral man says foster son was wrongfully suspected of crime

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 18:32:26-04

A Cape Coral man says his foster son was suspected of being involved with a bank robbery in Fort Myers and was arrested because Lee County deputies thought he was linked to it.

A man walked into Capital Bank on Metro Parkway implying he had a gun and demanded money before taking off.

Dean Geursey says deputies told him they believed his foster son, David Helms, was involved with the bank robbery. Deputies searched his home looking for possible bank funds but left empty handed.

Arrest records show Helms has been arrested a dozen times.

A newly released arrest report shows deputies described Helms was driving recklessly in the area of Colonial Blvd. and U.S. 41. The deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop but Helm ignored his attempt and fled the area. The deputy used the license plate to find Helm's residence. When deputies knocked on the front door they say Helm an out the home causing deputies to chase him.

When deputies patted him down they found a small glass pipe used for crack cocaine.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office has not confirmed whether or not Helms has any involvement with the bank robbery.

David Helms is facing charges for drug possession, fleeing police and resisting an officer without force. His bond is set at $27,000.