Cape Coral High School teacher fired

Posted at 8:37 PM, Nov 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-17 20:37:46-05
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Lee County School Board voting Tuesday afternoon to fire a teacher at Cape Coral High School after a lengthy investigation. 
Several of Douglas Dingerson's former students showed up to the meeting to say they don't believe he could have done anything to justify him getting fired.
"He was the best teacher I ever had," former student, Sheena Barnes said. 
Barnes says her former teacher Dingerson is the reason she graduated from high school. She says he ran a strict classroom and pushed her and her sisters to succeed. 
The Lee County School District has kept quiet about what exactly Dingerson is accused of doing, but they say an investigation revealed he violated the school district's code of ethics and the "principles of professional conduct." 
On October 22nd, the district served Dingerson a petition for termination, in which Superintendent Greg Adkins recommended board approval to terminate him effective November 17th. 
Dingerson was a math teacher, cross country coach and JV soccer coach at Cape Coral High School. 
The disturbing allegation against him say that he "exploited his relations with a student" and that he "exploited that relationship for personal gain." 
The investigation also determined that he "committed the offense of immorality" as defined by state statute. 
Fawn Barnes says something about the allegations against her favorite math teacher doesn't add up. 
"He was never inappropriate. Yeah he was goofy once in a while, but nothing serious like this, ever," Fawn Barnes, supporter of Dingerson, said. 
At a special meeting, the board's vote to fire Dingerson was unanimous.  
FOX 4 has filed a public records request to try to find out what the investigation into Dingerson's conduct was for. 
We are still waiting for those records.