Cape Coral father charged with selling drugs from his home

$17,000 in cash seized along with heroin, cocaine
Posted at 10:42 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 06:43:33-05

A Cape Coral father of two was arrested for allegedly using the home he shared with his family to sell drugs, according to Cape Coral Police. 

Over 80 grams of heroin; a small amount of cocaine and ecstasy, along with materials used for mixing and weighing the drugs were seized from Quiton McCray's home. 

According to detectives, nearly $17,000 in cash was stashed throughout the home, including in his children's bedrooms. 

A woman who lived next to McCray said she heard rumors about the father of two but didn't think they were true. 

"We had heard when we moved in that was kind of the situation but I know he had young kids so it's just really sad," said Britney Davis. She told Fox 4 news McCray was often in his driveway playing with his two young children. Davis began to suspect something odd was happening at the home when random visitors routinely stopped by. 

"It seems like it was during business hours," said Davis. "Eight a.m to 5 p.m you saw some activity," she said. 

In some occasions Davis says people stopping by McCray's home would walk through her yard which caused her to put a fence around her backyard. 

"There was one girl in particular, "said Davis. "We were seeing her come up on Fridays - I'm off on Fridays and most people don't expect it - and she was coming up and kind of walking up our yard to get back to him."

McCray is facing a long list of charges including selling heroin, possession of cocaine, operating a structure with drugs present with a minor child, and selling drugs near a school.

"There wasn't really any other sources of income where he could've had $17,000 just laying around, obviously some people do, but this guy wasn't doing much else but selling drugs," said Corporal Phil Mullen, Cape Coral Police. 
McCray is being held with on a $180,000 bond.