Bullets rip through stroke victim's living room as he watched tv

Posted at 10:30 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 22:30:33-05
Lee County Sheriff's detectives are investigating a shooting at the apartment of a speech-impaired stroke victim. 
Two bullet holes could be seen in the living room window of the apartment on the 2500 block of Ninth Avenue in Fort Myers. 
According to LCSO, the victim Robin Matz was sitting on his couch when bullets came through his window. Matz showed Fox 4 the bullet holes inside his home which were just inches away from where he was sitting and watching tv. 
"One, two....," said Matz has he counted the holes in his window. 
A neighbor who also heard the gunshots helped Matz contact police. 
"I said, do you want me to call the police? and he's like, yes, yes! and then I realized, okay, it's something serious," said John Everman, lives next to victim. 
Everman says he initially didn't realize the blasts coming from outside were gunshots. 
"My building shook, that's what got me," said Everman. "It's like, I'm sitting there - you know - watching t.v and all of sudden you hear that," he added.
Everman says he can't imagine why anyone would shoot at Matz's home and wonders if it was someone's idea of a prank.
"If it was a joke, it's a joke but it's not very funny. If you've got a firearm that's fine but be responsible with it," said Waterman.