Coma patient hungry for Taco Bell

Posted at 11:03 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 23:03:46-04

"I have not seen somebody so happy to eat Taco Bell in my life," said Andy Holdeman, who went on a Taco Bell run for his friend after Jake Booth emerged from a coma.

The Bonita Springs father built up an appetite after over forty days in a coma.

"There was so much fluid that it was preventing his heart from beating. It took them fifteen minutes to get it started again," said Jason Schwartz, Booth's older brother. " He was dead for a quarter of an hour," he added.

Schwartz flew across the country to be with his brother through the ordeal. But out of nowhere, Jake Booth, surprised even doctors. He snapped out of his coma. His first request came as no surprise to those who knew him best.

"Said he was hungry and wanted tacos. I asked him where he wanted his tacos from. Taco bell," said Holdeman.

"When can we get him some freaking Taco Bell," said Schwartz.

So Jake's friend Andy Holdeman went to a Taco Bell drive thru to give his friend the hook up.

"He wanted hard tacos so I got the party twelve pack," said Holdeman.

After eight years, he was fully aware of how Jake liked his tacos.

"No tomatoes! No tomatoes, the Jake Taco comes with no tomatoes," said Schwartz.

The picture of Jake surrounded by Taco Bell wrappers in his hospital bed says it all.

"He ate eight and half nine of them. No hesitation," said Holdeman.

Schwartz started up a Go Fund Me page with the hopes to raise fifty thousand dollars for Jake's wife and kids.

"I wanted to give them a year where they didn't have to worry about anything but just getting him better and loving each other and enjoying this second chance," said Schwartz.

Jake's second chance not only drawing attention to himself.

"If you google Taco Bell, Jake shows up," said Jason.

Schwartz created a website "Wake the" to keep people updated. But now, Jason thinks the viral picture can get Jake a new job.

"I think the image of him sitting in bed eating those tacos would sell a billion tacos."