Bond set in Golden Gate Estates homicide case

Posted at 8:24 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 20:24:30-05
COLLIER COUNTY, FLa. -- In an orange jumpsuit, Gonzalo Ruiz told the court his name in his first appearance Wednesday. Judge Jim Mc Garity set his bond at 1 million dollars after being charged with robbing and murdering 32-year-old Felix Baca Castro.
I tried talking with the suspect's parents immediately after the hearing, who spoke little English and wouldn't talk to me in Spanish. "Any idea as to why this happened or what your son was thinking ?" I asked McGarity's parents. "No comprende," said the father. 
As they got on the elevator to go home, their emotions ran high. The wife of Felix Castro, Maria, is also going through emotions with her husband now dead. She's still in disbelief. "I'm still, I don't believe it. I just saw him in here where you are right now. I just saw him calling me, talking to me, I don't believe it."
None of Castros family, whose now come together to get over the loss can figure out why he didn't show up Sunday morning after partying Saturday night. "Sunday around 3 o'clock he never showed up and I called the police because I knew something wrong happened. He never did that before. The first time and the last one."
His body would be found Monday morning near a dead end 20 minutes from where they live. 
Now, two families are left with questions that they may never have answered. "Why he have to kill him ? Why ? Why'd he destroy his mom life ? My life ? All his families life ?" said Maria.
Ruiz's arraignment hearing will be held December 21st at 8 a.m.