Body found near Picnic Island

Posted at 7:15 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 08:24:20-05

Deputies are investigating after a body was found in the water just off Picnic Island, which is between Sanibel and Saint James City. 

A fishing charter captain told Fox 4 he discovered the body this morning. Deputies say this may potentially be a suicide case. 

A Sanibel Fishing Guide shares with Fox 4 his shocking discovery while out on the boat: a man's body floating in the water.
Jason Marsh said he found the body near Picnic Island in Lee County, which is just off Saint James City.
Marsh's 25 years out on the water have taught him to always keep his eyes peeled.
"I'm always looking, I'm always scanning because sometimes you'll see some fish boiling up in some different spots like that, and then you've got to take advantage of that," Marsh said. "I saw what looked like a black bag floating, like it was inflated. I thought, 'Well that's kind of strange,' but I kept going."
As he drove past, he looked back, and said he could distinctly see the man's feet.
"I thought, 'Oh my goodness,' and I said 'Did you see that?' and he said, 'What?' and I said, 'I think that was a body back there!'" Marsh recalled.
Marsh said they immediately turned the boat around, and as they got closer, he could tell it was the body of someone small.
"I immediately think child, and I went into panic mode. I'm peeling off my coat and all the other stuff and I'm getting ready to go in," he said.
An even closer look showed Marsh it was a man, and that it was unfortunately too late to save him.
He called 911 and they all said a prayer and stayed put.
Marsh said the Lee County Sheriff's Deputies showed up on a boat, took down their information, saying the Major Crimes Unit would be in touch.
"You're always looking because you always hear stories of guys finding stuff like that in the water. Of course, you never think in a million years it's going to be you," Marsh said.
Fox 4 is still working to find out who the victim is. 
Marsh said he looked like he was in his late 40s. 
The cause of death will not be known until the medical examiner completes an autopsy.