Bait dog missing side of face recovering in Estero

Posted at 10:57 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-26 22:01:25-05

A three-year-old dog is recovering in Estero after it was rescued from a suspected dog-fighting ring in Miami Dade County.

Victoria Frazier, the owner of Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, saw the horrific photos of Abigail, missing her ear and the side of her face, on Facebook, and rescued her.

Dr. Thomas Jackson told Frazier to bring Abigail to Pets First Wellness Center in Estero for care. Both he and Frazier agree this is the worst case they've ever seen.

"The entire side of her head is completely ripped off. As soon as she arrived, you could just smell the infection. The only thing left of her ear is the ligament part of her eardrum," Frazier said. "Dr. Jackson suspects it was some sort of dog fighting, with all the puncture wounds she has on her head, and also injuries on her back end, signifying she was actually trying to get away from what she was in,"

Dr. Jackson said Abigail's bandages need to be changed twice a day for two months before they can do surgery.

"Once this infection is done, we'll be able to take her skin from {her shoulder} and turn it right over top of her wound," Dr. Jackson said.

Abigail's recovery will be a long and costly one. Frazier said each bandage change will cost $300 dollars, on top of thousands of dollars for surgery.

How to help Abigail and Love is Fur Ever dog rescue:

  • Call Pets First Wellness Center at (239) 221-8356 and make a donation in Abigail's name
  • Donate to her GoFundMe by clicking here.
  • Visit the Love is Fur Ever website