Arrest in Hillsborough County leads to search for bomb-making materials in Sarasota home

Posted at 4:29 AM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 09:03:35-05

The FBI and local deputies searched a home in Sarasota for suspicious materials after a man was caught buying materials in Hillsborough County that could be used to make a bomb. 

Deputies arrested Kenneth Iversen, 23, on Tuesday on multiple drug-related charges. During questioning, Iversen made comments to deputies that he had materials that could be consistent with bomb-making. 

Authorities searched his Sarasota home on Tonga Drive on Tuesday night as a precaution. Iversen lives at the home with his mother. Sarasota deputies assisted Hillsborough deputies with the suspicious incident. 

Officials have not released an update to say if they found anything inside of the home. 

Iversen is being charged with one count of fleeing and attempting to elude police officers, two counts of resisting officer without violence, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of possession of controlled substance. 

Iversen was recently arrested by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office on February 1, 2017, and he faces multiple charges in that arrest. 

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