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SWFL religious leaders gather to discuss issues of racial injustice

Changing the Narrative,a discussion against racism
Posted at 1:48 AM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 01:48:04-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Religious leaders in Southwest Florida come together in a panel discussion on racism. challenging community members to think about how they are responding to the crisis of racial injustice.

“Martin Luther King Jr. said it won’t be the shouts of my enemy but the silence of my friends that will harm me, ” said Reggie Dabbs.

The First Assembly of God Church in Fort Myers, taking a stand against racial inequality.

“It is as if my eyes are being opened to things that we were just sicking our heads in the sand an hoping it was going to go away, ” said Christy Sawyer.

Local faith leaders urging members to have tuff discussions about the injustices within our communities.

“It’s not only a problem in the nation or within our cities, or within our city halls, or the councilman’s, no, no it’s even in the churches, ” said Dr. Gregory Ford.

Christy Sawyer says in order to be an ally in the fight for equality, one must first start at home.

“What conversation are you having with your children? What conversation are you having at work?” said Christy Sawyer.

Across the world people are pleading for justice, a core value of the Christian faith.

“Justice is a biblical core value just like love, mercy, and forgiveness, ” said Rev Dr. William L. Glover// Mount Hermon Ministries

Local pastors urging the community to listen to the experiences of one another.

“I see a whole bunch of people yelling on social media but not a lot of people listening, ” said Cory Demmel.

Encouraging the community to stand with one another in the push for change.

“Listen and there needs to be honesty, checking our hearts and asking ourselves what can I do to stand with you?” said Christy Sawyer.

Event coordinators plan to continue the conversation and the fight for equality, for more information on events like this one head to