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SWFL faith leaders pray for peace as the country awaits the verdict of The Derek Chauvin Trial

Posted at 11:44 PM, Apr 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-19 00:18:18-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A prayer for peace, as many wait, to see what happens next.

“I would just challenge people to become peacemakers,” said Dr. William Glover, Senior Pastor Mt. Hermon Ministries.

“We can’t go back and fix yesterday but we have to take control of tomorrow,” said Bishop Randell Williams with The Rock Church.

“I think the entire country is waiting to see if justice will be served or if there will be a miscarriage of justice in terms of the jury decision,” said Dr. Glover.

Closing arguments begin tomorrow in a trial that could reshape the nation, for Derek Chauvin the man on trial for killing George Floyd.

“This decision I think will crystalize whether or not justice has been so corrupted in our judicial system to where there could be no redemption,” said Dr. Glover.

“Somehow it would cause people to gain an awareness of the state of humanity and our desperate need to get back to God said” Bishop Williams.

The aftermath of this verdict leaves many fearful of more unrest, but Dr. William Glover says he feels the pain so many other African Americans feel but violence is not the answer.

“So the absence of violence does not mean we have peace, there will be peace when justice is served. The struggle continues if the decision does not weigh on the side of justice,” said Dr. William Glover.

Both Dr. Glover & Bishop Randell Williams say if anything this is a time to come together for real change.

“You can only fix behavior by fixing your mind. So yes it does require us to go back to a place of prayer and where we get the true value of humanity,” said Bishop Williams.

“Also engage in our democracy even at the local level and make certain that your voice is heard through activism and voting,” said Dr. Glover.

Pleading this nation can come together to reform, reshape, and re-envision justice for all.

“That violence towards each other fixes nothing that does not re-change and there’s a power much greater than protests, and that is the power of our prayers,” said Bishop Williams.