'Algae tax' class action lawsuit a topic of discussion

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 05, 2016

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Having water front property is a luxury.  But now, people living on canals are crying out that higher taxes are unfair.

Some people say as water quality goes down, so should their taxes.

Property owners are frustrated.  Not only do they want their taxes lowered, many think its time for a class action lawsuit like the BP oil spill.

They want to hold the companies accountable for polluting Lake Okeechobee and our waterways.

"I would like to see my taxes get lowered . We are being treated like second class citizens right now, as far as the water quality goes," says Guy Lee, who lives on a Cape Coral canal.

Antonia Rodgers lives on a canal and she agrees, adding "The quality of the water is very bad and it is not right that we are paying these high taxes."

Mike Lombardo specializes in Cape Coral waterfront property and says this green sludge is hurting business.  He compares it to the BP oil spill, saying those who polluted "Lake O" could eventually become the center of a class action lawsuit.  "Your house is your biggest investment. and now somebody has dumped these chemicals into your water that have caused a toxin to bloom outside your home and you didn't sign up for that."

But people like Fran Lee are ready to sign up.  "The time has come for a class action lawsuit. and we should all join. Everybody who has water front in Cape Coral. There is a significant amount of people."