Al Gore joins Clinton on the Campaign Trail

Posted at 6:44 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 18:44:03-04

MIAMI, Fla -- Former vice president Al Gore joined democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, Tuesday, to talk about climate change at Miami Dade College.

During the rally, Clinton hinted that the pair may work together if she wins the white house. "I can't wait to have Al Gore advising me when I am President of the United States," she said to the crowd.

The message the two delivered revolved around climate change. Clinton took a jab at her opponent, Donald Trump, for calling climate change a hoax created by the Chinese. "America can't afford a candidate that doesn't accept climate science," said Clinton. 

She promised new energy solutions to not only reduce global climate change, but create jobs. "We can transform our economy," Clinton said. "We can rally the world to cut carbon pollution."

Gore agreed. "Clinton is exactly right, we can create good jobs in the process, jobs that can't be outsourced," he said.

However, Gore had another big message aside from the risks climate change. He made a statement appearing by Clinton's side in Florida, the state that cost him the 2000 presidential election, when the Supreme Court decided to discontinue a recount. He urged people to register and vote. "Those of you younger than 25 may not remember what happened in the election here in Florida," he said. "If you think your vote doesn't matter, take it from me, your vote can make all of the difference this election."