Airport identity theft

Posted at 8:00 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 20:00:26-05

Are you vulnerable to identity theft at the airport?
Greg Scasny with Cybersecurity Defense Solutions says you may be more vulnerable than you think.
He tells FOX 4 holiday traveling is a prime time for hackers to try to get a hold of your personal information.
Two items he says hackers can easily use to steal your identity are your credit card and your boarding pass.
"There are devices out there that can steal credit cards just by being near them," Scasny said. "Steal the magnetic information off and then go up to a thing and replay it."
Anne Curulli spent more than 12 hours traveling to RSW airport to make it home for Thanksgiving. She says she isn't too surprised what hackers can do.
"I' want to know hackers can't do - with all this technology it's hard to keep up."
Hacking expert Scasny says the barcode on a boarding pass is another easy way for hackers to steal a traveler's identity. It's a piece of paper often thrown out or forgotten but contains very valuable information unbeknownst to the eye.
"There's information encoded in the barcode that hackers can use to then gather more information to steal your identity."
Scasny says the barcode on boarding passes reveal a very useful piece of information that easily lead hackers to find more personal information.
"It's things like frequent flier numbers that looks innocuous," Scasny said. "But if I can piece that together with other pieces of information maybe I can find your social media profile - I can put a profile of you and try to steal your identity."
Scasny says the best way to avoid falling victim is by properly disposing boarding passes by shredding them instead of just throwing them out.

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