Accused killer of local school bus driver released from jail; victim's family speaks out

Eugene Johnson released after serving 40 days
Posted at 10:55 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 23:05:17-04
The daughter of a Lee County School bus driver who was murdered is speaking out about the accused killer's release from jail.
Eugene Johnson walked out of Hendry County Jail Thursday after serving 40 days in connection to the murder of Alberta Harris.
Johnson was arrested on charges of second degree murder, and possesion of a firearm by a convicted felon; however, the Florida State Attorney's Office determined there wasn't enough evidence to uphold the charges. 
Harris' daughter, Ebony told Fox 4 news she is certain Johnson killed her mother. 
"Ain't no doubt in my mind, no doubt in my mind," said Ebony. 
Harris' remains were found in a remote area of Hendry's County 10 days after she vanished. 
"My mom is 6 ft under she can't talk for herself, so no I'm not giving up until I get justice, period!" said Ebony.
According to investigators, Harris was stabbed and shot to death. The pair reportedly were in a volatile on-again, off-again relationship. A police affidavit describes one incident where Johnson left a threatening note for Harris writing, "If I can't have you, no one can."
"Now we're at a point to where he could walk," said Ebony.
Ironically, this isn't the first time Johnson has faced charges for killing his lover. In 1988, he served 7 years in a plea deal after he was found embracing his mistress who he had stabbed multiple times. 
"Turn yourself in, you know you did it. Ain't no other way around it, nobody did this but you, just give it up. Give yourself up," said Ebony.