TSA Pre-Check closed often at RSW

Posted at 11:22 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 23:22:21-05
Four in Your Corner caught TSA Pre-Check lines closing while we were at the airport.  We wanted to know if paying the $85 for the program is worth it if you're flying out of Southwest Florida International Airport.
Phyllis Hinkel travels every few weeks to visit children and grandchildren.  She takes advantage of the t-s-a's pre-check line - when it's available.
But at Southwest Florida International Airport, she says  "Most of the time it's never open, and you've got to go with everyone else down the line."
TSA Pre-check opened and closed while our cameras were rolling.
In an email to FOX4, a TSA spokesperson said, "They are open during times when there are the most TSA Pre-Check passengers coming through. Even if the lines are not open, those passengers in the program will receive expedited screening."
Frequent flyer Brent Taylor estimates the Pre-Check lines at r-s-w are closed 80% of the time.
Taylor says you get more bang for your buck with pre-check in larger airports, because the lines are open all of the time.
But paying for the service and not getting to use it is something some passengers think is a bad deal.
Not every airline participates in Pre-Check at RSW.  Those airlines are Spirit, Silver, Frontier and Air Berlin.