SWFL woman receives threatening letter for supporting Donald Trump

Letter claims home will be vandalized
Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 19:08:08-04
A Southwest Florida woman is in disbelief of the threats she's received in the mail for showing support for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.
Jennifer Larson and her neighbor both got letters just hours before the first Presidential Debate. The letters claim their homes may be vandalized if the Trump signs supporting Trump aren't removed from their yards.
There's no return address on the envelopes but the photocopied letter gives people the impression it's from someone the receivers may know. 
"The way that its worded is to make you feel that somebody next door to you is going out of their way to do it," Jennifer Larson said. 
Four In Your Corner reached out to the Lee County Sheriff's Office to find out how many people have reported receiving similar letters. A spokesperson tells Four In Your Corner in an e-mail there has been one complaint reported to the department, but the department doesn't want to assume the letters are all from the same source. LCSO is asking all threats to be reported, adding that anyone trying to intimidate or threaten voters is a "serious matter". 
"They were hoping all the Trump supporters would be scared enough to take their signs down," Larson said.
Larson says she does not plan on taking her signs down but will be meeting with the US Postal Inspection Service to report it.
If you receive a similar letter, please call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (239) 477-1820 and report it.