Policy changes amid sex scandal at SFM High

Posted at 7:35 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 07:13:25-04

The investigation continues into the sex scandal at South Fort Myers High School, as Lee County deputies continue looking into a report of a 15-year-old girl having sex with up to two dozen boys in the school's bathroom.

The girl in question since then has been withdrawn from the Lee County School District and multiple players from the football team have been suspended.

But has this incident caused changes in schools across the county?

The district is giving Four In Your Corner very limited information calling it a sensitive subject still under investigation.

Incident reports only reveal limited information about how a 15-year-old girl had sex with several boys during after school hours at South Fort Myers high, with no one noticing right away.

Parents tell Four In Your Corner, they hope something like this never happens again.

"They should have walk-through or something like that to check on the kids or maybe not but straight supervision."

Reports reveal the high school girl admitted to having sex with 25 male students that day in a short time frame.  A graphic video of the incident was plastered all over social media, leaving parents wondering how this could happen at a local Lee County school.

"People should be watching over. Something like that should never happen in a high school."

This incident is raising the question of who should be held accountable for this incident and if security measures will change.

Four In Your Corner reached out to the district and several school board members with few responding to our request for an interview and referring us to Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins to discuss any safety measures.

Dr. Adkins told FOX 4 he's working with the Lee County Sheriff's Office on this ongoing investigation, but declined to make any comment on camera.

The superintendent did, however, send a letter to South Fort Myers High School parents saying it's important to address this issue.

He starts the letter to parents saying it's important to address the issue, adding the district is just as "shocked to hear the events at South High."

The letter also mentions there have been conversations about right and wrong with those involved and their parents. Dr. Adkins says the district recognizes this is not just an issue of student behavior but of supervision. He assures parents the district will continue working with school principals to improve supervision protocols to make the Lee County School District the "one of the best in the nation."

Dr. Adkins ends his letter to parents asking to move forward from this incident "without further harsh judgment of those involved," acknowledging the adolescents involved made a "serious mistake."

Four In Your Corner requested specifics on how the district plans to improve supervision protocols but has not received a response.