Parent questions school board policy after bus accident

Posted at 8:18 PM, Oct 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 20:18:11-04

LEE COUNTY -- After not receiving a notification from the school district of her son being involved in a school bus accident, Rachel Scott, became concerned why she didn't hear from the school.

Tuesday afternoon a truck backed into an Alva Middle school bus, according to the Lee County School District Board. The accident proceeded to have Scott's 14-year-old son leave a panicked voicemail on his mother's phone.

"I'm just kind of taken aback," said Scott, describing how she felt after listening to the phone call. "How could I not be told this? This happened at seven o'clock in the morning, this is four in the afternoon. Why am I just hearing about this?"

Scott said she did not receive an email or a call from the school. Fox 4 did some research to find out why the school district did not contact Scott and called the district directly.

A spokesperson from the Lee Country School Board said Scott's contact information must have not been up-to-date in the school file system and therefore is the reason Scott did not receive an email or a robocall like the other parents.

The spokesperson made it clear that the assistant principal, safety and security staff member, student resource officer, deputy and members of the transportation safety team were all on the scene making sure the students were okay. After assessing each student, the students were sent back to class.

While Scott appreciated the reassurance, she still wanted the opportunity to make her own assessment.

"It's something I should've known first hand and been able to make a judgment call first thing in the morning as to whether I want to go get him and bring him home," she explained. "And have the peace of mind as a parent that my child is in fact okay."

Scott's contact information has been updated at Alva Middle School.