Officers steered clear of Club Blu after double shooting in 2015

Clubbers have history of not cooperating with cops
Posted at 9:46 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 22:19:53-04

FORT MYERS - We're learning more about previous shootings at Club Blu and now a victim's mother is blaming police for not arresting the man who shot her son, although she admits he refused to cooperate with investigators,

Meanwhile, we're uncovering more controversy surrounding the club and its owner.

When Susie Moore heard about the shootings at Club Blu late Sunday night, it brought back painful memories.

Moore says, "It's just so sad that the young generation is out there killing one another and ain't nothing been done about it. Something should be done. Fort Myers PD, I don't understand it."

On May 16th, 2015 Moore's son, Barry Eshard Whilte, was shot near the entrance of Club Blu at around 2am.

According to a police report, Lewis Lopez was also shot in the club's parking lot minutes later.

The report shows the two shootings were separate but no one was arrested because both victims refused to cooperate with police. 

Moore admits, "They don't have no reason to trust them, that's why they don't tell them nothing because they don't trust them. They take their words and they twist it."

The double shooting then triggered an investigation into Club Blu, which was registered with the state as primarily being a restaurant.

Fort Myers police reported, "the business was not operating as a restaurant in any way" and, instead, was only being used as a nightclub.

As a result, police teamed up with state investigators and canvassed the club on two separate nights.

According to their report they had "never seen the business operate as a restaurant"

Especially since "no food was being served"

And "there was a male in the kitchen who said he was a cook but no food was being prepared."

That investigation eventually convinced the club owner to comply.

A report shows state officials contacted Fort Myers police a month later to see if the club had any more violent episodes but, for some reason, police said: "officers have been staying clear of the business and not conducting proactive enforcement."

Moore is outraged saying, "Our children around here have been gunned down and shot every day and we can't get one police to come out from behind that wall drinking coffee."

We don't know why police would have avoided being proactive at Club Blu.

It's simply stated in this report and the next line is redacted so we don't know what it says.