Man tossing dog in trash caught on video, investigators need your help

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 22:31:42-04

LEE COUNTY - Investigators are finding dogs thrown away like garbage.

Investigators need your help finding two men who dumped dog, one was a little puppy, in the trash without batting an eye. 

One of those men didn't know cameras were rolling when he pulled up to a gas station to get rid of a black lab.

Investigators say both dogs had serious injuries and were likely hit by cars before they were tossed out.

The man you're about to see in our video could now be facing criminal charges and we should warn you the images in our story may be disturbing.

It's hard to watch this video of a man tossing a puppy in a trash can.

It happened Saturday at Love's Truck Stop in North Fort Myers.

A white semi pulls up to the gas pumps. The shirtless driver steps out, he then reaches behind the cab of the truck, grabs the little puppy and just throws it in a trash can.

The guy didn't gas up, instead he got inside his truck and drove away.
It was all captured by surveillance cameras.

Worker's at Love's say they found the black lab pup and called Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

We tried speaking with the store manager but he said his corporate office wouldn't let him comment.

One trucker wondering what kind of person would dump a dog.

Fort Myers truck driver, Jesus Coca, tells us, "That is very strange because there is such a thing as a humane society, you know what I mean?"

Investigators are now hoping someone will recognize the man in the video. Lee County officials refused to give that video to Fox-4 on Friday.

In an email sent to us at 2:55pm, Lee County’s Communications Director Betsy Clayton told us: "We do not have the surveillance video and have no expectation of receiving it at this time."

Despite this, our sources sent us a copy. Workers at Lee County Domestic Animal Services are concerned about this case, especially since two dead dogs were found tossed away within four days.

The latest one was found this past Tuesday.

A Pomeranian mix was found near a dumpster at Cape Coral Christian School on Santa Barbara Boulevard.

The dog was micro-chipped and registered to a Cape Coral man named Bradford White.

We went to White's listed address at 1720 SW Santa Barbara Place in the Cape and found he no longer lives there.

Investigators are now hoping someone recognizes the truck driver so they can send a message to anyone who may consider tossing a person's pet in the trash.

Coca says, "If you can't take care of an animal why not take him to a shelter?"

Investigators tell us the semi truck has the company name "Pinestraw, LLC" on the side of the door.
If you know who the man is you're urged to contact Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

You can also contact us and we'll make sure they get your information.