Kid's Capes of Courage delivery in Lee County

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- Children enduring long term illnesses face daily challenges. But one woman in Cape Coral is using her crafting skills to make these children feel like superheros across Southwest Florida.

Maggie Nosbusch has spent hours putting together capes for kids in Cape Coral after being inspired by a non-profit out of Akron, Ohio called Kids Capes of Courage. The non profit has made numerous capes with the mission to brighten the lives of children that could really use encouragement during a very difficult time. 
Nosbusch is on a personal mission during her winter stay in Cape Coral: to bring a little joy to children who are staying at Golisano's Children Hospital.
"When I sew them, I'm thinking of the little child that's going to wear these," Nosbach said. "You know, maybe walking down the hallway if they're able."
Nosbach takes about an hour to cut, show, and embellish dozens of capes made out of donated fabric or fabric found at thrift stores with colorful and unique patterns. 
"I try to make them very soft and comfy," Nosbach said. "I try to do a child-like theme on the inside. My heart just leaps for these kids. I say prayers for them as I'm making the capes for them."
Maggie Nosbach delivered dozens of capes to Golisano's Children for the first time this weekend. 
McKynsie Faith is one of the children who received a pink super hero cape. She's been receiving treatment at Golisano's while battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  "She's on and off treatments," her father, Justin Jones said. "She's in morphine, she's going through a lot of pain."
McKynsie was first diagnosed with Leukemia on June 16, 2015 and is expected to be on treatment for roughly 2 to 3 years. "People always want to think of the boys like superheros but since I have a little warrior princess, its awesome to see that the girls are remembered," Jones said.
Megan Schaeffer's baby is also staying at Golisano's children hospital and was presented a cape of courage.  "It is kind of sad and it does break your heart seeing all these children.  But yeah, they all deserve a superhero cape," Schaeffer said. "Its really nice. Its comforting to know people do care."
Maggie's goal is for hospitals in Lee County to have a constant supply of kids capes of courage. If you enjoy sewing or would like to get involved in any way please e-mail Maggie at
You can follow McKynsie's Journey on Facebook & GoFundMe page.
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