Healthy meal delivery services aim to simplify

Posted at 3:51 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 22:56:03-05

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- If you have children, grocery shopping can be quite the chore. Companies are now offering services to simplify your life by skipping the store and delivering everything you need to your doorstep.

Antoinette Biffar is a working mom who's finishing up her MBA degree. She says grocery shopping for her family has been challenging.

"I really honestly can't even fit them in the cart with the baby and the car seat," Biffar said. "We have to have at least two carts going grocery shopping."

Grocery shopping has turned a lot easier with a fresh approach she says is simplifying her life. She uses an app called Shipt, where your grocery favorites are at your fingertips, you select what you want, and hit submit.

A Shipt shopper claims the order, hand picks the items and delivers your groceries straight to your doorstep.

"We do our best to try and dig through the produce and make sure we pick the very best fruits and vegetables for the customer," Rebecca Guttery said. "We make sure they're getting the best products on the shelves."

Denise Feather uses Hello Fresh, a company that delivers food boxes to her home.

In each box, she gets a recipe and all the ingredients proportioned to make a meal.

"It honestly taste like restaurant food," Feather said. "And you're making it yourself, so you're learning how to cook and use different spices and different words of stuff that I never knew existed in my vocabulary before.  ow i have em."

The concept is similar to services by companies like Blue Apron and Plated.

"I'm spending $69 on this a week and I was spending $200 to $250 a week at the grocery with just three people."

If you want to order your groceries online and pick them up at the store you can do that too, for free at stores like Walmart.

Most delivery services come with a price tag, or a minimum ordering requirement, but are you stretching your dollar by skipping the grocery store?

Marketing expert David Hoffman says it's not just about saving money.

"Convenience usually costs a little money but you need to put a value on your time and your travel to the store."

So are these services here to stay? Hoffman says the future of grocery shopping may bring relief to families worldwide.

"This whole shopping is going to become automated in the future," Hoffman said. "Instead of having somebody in the store picking up food, there's going to be robots picking up your food."

While we wait for robots to do our shopping, Biffar says she's just glad skipping the grocery store is now an option.