Friend of Rick Marshall speaks about new details

Posted at 7:09 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 10:27:18-04

Four In Your Corner digging deeper into the gruesome murder of a Cape Coral realtor days after confirming his body was dismembered when he was killed back in February. 

Weeks after Rick Marshall went missing, investigators reportedly found his torso and legs hidden in the woods and canal near his home. Disturbing facts seem to suggest a link between Marshall and his son Matthew. Investigators are looking into Matthew's library records indicating research on how to cut up and hide a body. Matthew remains in Jail for allegedly using his father's credit card just a day after he vanished. 

On his way to one of many therapy appointments, Billy Broccio says the biggest suffering is the pain of losing a friend in the worst way.

As he prepares for an interview, Billy takes a deep breath, it isn't easy for the words to come out. 

"Everybody is doing well," he said.

As well as they can, after losing a loved one in the most disturbing way.

Billy's best friend, Rick Marshall, was found dismembered; investigators finding parts of Rick's body in the woods near his Cape Coral condo and some of his remains found inside a suitcase floating in a nearby canal.

Even though it's hard for BIlly to speak about his friend, he rather it be him than Rick's family.

"The family asked me it would be best to comment on anything right now until the case is done with," he said. "I hope that's okay."

For him and Rick's loved ones, nothing has been "okay" for the last few months.

While there hasn't been an arrest made, Sgt. Dana Coston with Cape Coral Police says there's a 24/7 commitment to get this murder solved.

"Investigative service bureau detectives are hard at work on this case."