Fox 4 uncovers name of gang involved in Club Blu shootings

Posted at 9:19 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 06:32:09-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A major break in the Club Blu shootings that killed two and injured more than a dozen.

After struggling for leads since the mass shootings, police now know the name of one of the gangs involved in the attack.  That home-grown gang is known as the ‘Bottom Boyz’.

Meanwhile, some in the Dunbar community disagree about whether there really is a gang problem there.

A man named Schon tells Fox 4: "There's no gangs here, just guys portraying themselves to be more than what they are."

We asked another woman how she knew about the Bottom Boyz.  "Well, you can see things going on and that's the name they give here so that's why they call them the Bottom Boyz."

Just ask any police officer who worked the tragic Club Blu shootings this past July and you'll get a different story.

Larry Aguilar helps to run the Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida, Inc. and has one student who was at Club Blu the night gangs gunned down more than a dozen, killing two.

"My gang has an issue with this gang and it's between us but it's affecting our kids. We've got a few kids here who have been shot."

Aguilar’s student knows the gang members who pulled the trigger but he's not talking.  "There's a lot of fear here, they don't want to say they know who did it or they’ve seen who did it."

Through police sources, 4 in your Corner now confirming one of those gangs was the Bottom Boyz.

A section of town where the railroad tracks essentially separate Downtown Fort Myers from Dunbar is known as the Bottom. The Bottom Boyz formed a gang here about 8 years ago."

"I think they're all cowards because innocent people get killed," says the woman who says she practically raised members of the Bottom Boyz like they were her own but she wouldn't trust them now.

She say she knows their names but won't reveal them.  "You don't want your house shot up or anything like that, retaliation."

So far no one has been charged in the shootings at Club Blu.

Police say they're having a hard time getting the community to cooperate with the investigation.