FOX 4 INVESTIGATES: Examining unsolved Southwest Florida homicides

Posted at 7:10 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 06:18:33-04
It's been more than 24 hours since a teenager was killed in a drive-by shooting in broad daylight. 
18-year-old Lawrence Lockley, a senior at Dunbar High School, was killed and his friend was hurt after someone opened fire as they sat in a car outside a home on Suntrust Drive. 
While there are friends and family mourning his loss, an arrest has not been made. This is one of several unsolved homicides in Lee county, but if you're looking for the exact number, it appears you may not find it on the Sheriff's Office website. 
The Lee County Sheriff's Office offers an interactive crime map that should tell you how many crimes, including homicides, have happened in your part of south west Florida.
After taking a closer look, Fox 4 found apparent gaps in the numbers. So if you didn't know any better, you may think your community is safer than it is.
Homicides have been making headlines across the country. Local realtor Frank Ehrhardt keeps an eye on crime, he says it can make or break a sale for his clients. 
"Cape Coral is one of the safest cities in the area. Typically, people aren't too concerned if they're looking to buy in Cape Coral, but generally, safety is a big big concern," Ehrhardt said.
So how big is the concern in each of Southwest Florida's communities? Four In Your Corner asked Ehrdhardt to take a look at the interactive crime map on the Lee County Sheriff's Office website.  "So far I haven't seen a homicide in the last 30 days in here," he said. 
We know, just from covering them, there have been many more homicides than that. So we tracked back as far as the site would allow us, exactly six months. 
There was only one homicide listed on the interactive crime tracker from June 5th. That didn't sound right either, so Four In Your Corner checked the numbers by contacting each agency individually. 
Here are the totals for each agency in the last year: 
Lee County Sheriff's Office: 12 homicide cases, 8 solved
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office: 1 homicide case, 1 solved 
Punta Gorda Police: 1 homicide case, 1 solved
Collier County Sheriff's Office: 3 homicide cases, 2 solved
Fort Myers Police: 13 homicide cases, 4 solved
Cape Coral Police: 5 homicide cases, 5 solved
While Cape Coral Police report all homicide cases as solved, the website only lists one homicide in the Cape during that period of time. 
Four In Your Corner asked Ehrhardt if he thought the site may be misleading.
"If in fact there are others that are out there that aren't reflected here," he said."I know even on that June 5th incident there was actually the one down on this corner as well which isn't reflected here."
Until the crime tracker reflects up to date information, he says he's not putting all his faith in the numbers on the website. 
"I would have expected that this would have been updated somewhat regularly."
Four In Your Corner reached out to the Lee County Sheriff's Office to find out why the site didn't reflect other homicides in the area and how often the information is updated. A spokesperson has been looking into this request since this morning. FOX 4 will be updating this story with their response.