Details on the night after realtor's murder

Posted at 10:30 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 06:23:12-04
Four in Your Corner revealing what a Cape Coral man was doing the night his father was murdered. 
Rick Marshall was reported missing in February and soon after detectives confirmed his body was dismembered. Experts say whoever did it needed extensive knowledge and skill. 
Rick's son, Matthew Marshall, is behind bars and is being charged for using his father's credit card at a local bar the next day. Matthew has not been charged in his father's murder but investigators are digging deeper into his past. 
Credit card history helped investigators determine where Matthew was the night his father went missing. Records show Matthew used his father's credit card the night his father was supposed to be in California for a conference. Matthew purchased beer at a Walmart around 10:00pm.
That same night Matthew used the same card around 10:30 pm requesting an Uber ride to Backstreets Bar. A few minutes later, Matthew called for another ride but canceled the service. After making multiple calls and cancelations for an Uber ride, the credit card was frozen around midnight due to suspicious activity. 
Detectives canvassed the neighborhood where Marshall lived with his father for a few months. A witness saw Matthew the morning after around 7 in the morning, walking toward his home, soaking wet, not wearing a shirt, and carrying his wet shoes. 
When detectives questioned Matthew about the credit card charges, Matthew said he was allowed to use the card whenever he wanted, but told detectives he didn't remember going for a walk or being wet. Detectives also noticed he had an injury on his right hand between his thumb and index finger. Matthew told detectives he cut himself on a rock and then ended the conversation. 
Detectives have not determined a suspect in Rick Marshall's murder.
Meanwhile, Matthew Marshall is in jail for using his father's credit card and is expected to be in court on May 10th.