Fort Myers Mayor weighs in on election day violence concerns

Mayor addresses possible violence on election day
Posted at 6:56 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 18:56:06-04
Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson sits down with Four In Your Corner to talk about safety concerns at the polls. The general election is just one week away and many people consider the presidential race one of the more controversial races in recent memory. The amount of passion and support from both parties is raising questions about security come November 8th. 
"People say things in the heat of the moment when they're at a rally," Yosef Tedros with the Lee County Democrats said. "I think most people are law abiding citizens and I don't anticipate having too many issues."
"The Hillary supporters here in the area are great," Steve Martin with the Lee County Republicans said. "We're not worried about anything and the Trump supporters - we don't have anything to worry about either."
While Democrats and Republicans agree they're not concerned about any violence, Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson says there's a plan in place to make sure election day is safe for everyone.
"Everybody is on high alert," Mayor Henderson said. "When I say everybody, I mean law enforcement is aware that's going to be a very busy day."
Mayor Henderson says while it may get out of hand on social media, there's nothing to worry about on the streets of Fort Myers.
"I expect business as usual," he said. "If something gets out of hand, we'll be ready to deal with it."
Mayor Henderson says there will be extra patrols in the area at polling places location to make sure everything is running smoothly.